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Contributions to international congresses and debates


Papst, J.; A remark on Andreu Solé’s Critique de la <<complexité>>; Online-Publication; in: Débats sur la complexité – articles et réactions; in: forum caravancafé, 2005;
Extraits de la liste du CIRET – Centre International de Recherches et d’Études Transdisciplinaires; Url:

Papst, J.; Das indexicalisch-strukturalistische Sprachlernmodell; Vortrag bei der XIII. Internationalen Deutschlehrertagung an der Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, 1. – 6. August 2005.

Papst, J.; Transdisziplinäre Theorie der transmodernen Literatur; Vortrag beim 11. Internationalen Germanistenkongress an der Université de Paris – Sorbonne, Centre Universitaire Malesherbes, Paris, 26. August – 3. September 2005. Forthcoming;

Papst, J.; The essential commitment to what there is as the bedrock of the paradigm of transdisciplinarity; Contribution to the round table “Transdisciplinary attitude” at the “2nd World Congress of Transdisciplinarity: “What Education for Sustainable Development? Attitude – Research – Action”, Vitoria, BRAZIL; September 6 to 12, 2005.


Papst, J.; Science without freedom of education and freedom of consciousness is not science at all; Contribution to the “First International Congress on University Education: Perspectives on University Education in the 21st Century”; May 27 to 29, 2004 at the Fatih University in Istanbul, TURKEY; forthcoming; in: Proceedings of the First International Congress on Higher Education, Fatih University, 2005.
Url: http://;

Papst, J.; Cognitive significance and the mental process of internalisation; Contribution to the “Biannual conference of Rodin Academy” (Stockholm, SWEDEN): “Cultural and Neural Aspects of Language, Reading, and Dyslexia” at the Bejing University, Peking, CHINA; August 4 to 8, 2004.

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