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The aims of the scientific community indexicals

The activities of the scientific community are not directed towards profit, but exclusively towards scientific aims in favour of creative self-conscious human beings, a living world, and open societies. According to that the aims of the scientific community „indexicals – Centre of transdisciplinary cognitive- and state-system sciences” are to achieve human wisdom and new scientific discoveries and knowledge, to develop arts, and to grasp the contemporary core issues of governmental questions and problems based on the paradigm of transdisciplinarity.

The general aim of the scientific community consists in the improvement of scientific research based on the new scientific paradigm of transdisciplinarity in order to increase the existentialist individual quality of the individual and the collective lives, creativity, justice, humanity and feminism in sciences and spreading out of that in all parts of the societies within the contemporary area of globalisation.

The activities of the scientific community to achieve their aims

The aims and the task of the scientific community will become realised by the following scientific activities, and according to that their means are:

  • The development of the centre of research;
  • the development of an adequate scientific infrastructure;
  • the development of an adequate structure of co-operation with other institutions of science and research at the local level of Austria, the European and the international level;
  • the preparation and the carrying out of scientific research projects;
  • the carrying out of scientific research seminars;
  • the carrying out of scientific workshops;
  • the organisation of scientific conferences and symposia;
  • the organisation of scientific courses, seminars and events;
  • the development of a library and data bank of transdisciplinarity;
  • the edition of publications of the different kinds;
  • the awarding of grants for research, and
  • the awarding of excellent works in science, arts, and societies in the sense of the paradigm of transdisciplinarity.
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