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Research and scientific events, and educational events in sciences and arts

This topic contains the different kinds of research and scientific events, and that educational events in sciences and arts:

  • indexicals-symposia are drawn up to bring together specialists from natural sciences, humanities, and arts to clarify and to improve the basics the paradigm of transdisciplinarity is faced with: ontology, epistemology, methods of sciences, logic, ethics, aesthetics, semantics, theory of mind, theory of reality and the universe, and cosmology.

  • indexicals-conferences are drawn up to bring together specialists from the different fields of sciences, arts, and everyday life, who are committed to the paradigm of transdisciplinarity in order to provide the broader audience with issues and results that transdsiciplinary sciences bring about.

  • indexicals-reseach seminars are drawn up as educational events in higher education to give scholars from the different fields the opportunities to generate, to develop, and to carry out their own ideas and projects within an open minded inspiring environment.
  • Contributions to congresses and debates are central for an international open minded scientific and social community. Therefore, we take care for this.
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