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Research seminars

The research seminars are of particular interest for the project of transdisciplinary science and research, because they are drawn up for scholars and students from the different fields of science and research, from arts and from the different kinds of public and private projects and the research seminars are addressed to them.

Especially young scholars so-called post-graduates and post-docs who intend to continue their venue at an elaborated level will find an open inspiring and motivating environment for carrying out and to develop their own ideas, approaches, concepts and ...

This is the aim of our research seminars. Each research seminar focuses on a particular topic.

  • First indexicals-research seminar - July 2005: Complex reality
  • Second indexicals-research seminar August September 2006: Identity and the possibility of private languages
  • Third indexicals-research seminar October December 2006: The riddle of the invisible eye within the visual field
  • Fourth indexicals-research seminar - September 2007: Features of the reactionary
  • Fifth indexicals-research seminar - December 2007: Arts, Humanities and Natural Sciences
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